Vote Tuesday

Our Schools

Harrison Avenue

This beautiful building with it's great lawn will be just another building.

Harrison High

Again, a building in front of the circle near the roadway is not nice..

LMK Middle

How about a cheap looking cement-fiber faced. Concrete looks cheap.

LMK Back Field

This is the last piece of open space left downtown. Let's share it.

The School Presentation

The school board presented their Powerpoint Presentation in September. Only renderings and general ideas were presented, but nothing is to scale and no real plans exist. No traffic or lighting studies were done, but everything in their presentation MUST be done by law if the voters accept it. Why not allow public input and seperate the issues. MORE TIME WILL YIELD A BETTER PLAN.

See their Presentation


Your Vote Tuesday 10/18/16 will permanently determine the future for our children and grandchildren!

Where Do I Vote?

Everyone should vote at their local elementary school between 7am and 9pm. You do not have to be a registered voter, just 18years old and have lived in Harrison more than 30 days.

What else do I do ?

Please call your family and friends to remind them to vote this Tuesday. If this bond passes, it is done. If not, we can discuss other options and bring it back soon. Call and let people know the permanent impact.

Misleading Drawings

Please notice that the Harrison Avenue School additions are shown far from the road.

This just is not true to life - We need a real plan.